Pneumatic Bath Bomb Press - Choose Mold Size

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$849.97 $493.90

Choose bath bomb mold size.  One Aluminum / Acetal Hybrid mold included

If you're new to bath bomb presses, Bath Bomb USA can help you choose a bath bomb mold size that is perfect for your machine. If you're ready to get your business started or dive into this new DIY hobby, we offer the user-friendly and highly durable BBP-1000 Pneumatic Bath Bomb Press with Mold options included. Whether you're interested in making 1", 2" or 2.5" molds, this press is perfect for creating 100s of lavish bath bombs per daily use. Each bath bomb press comes fully assembled but requires a separate 3 to 6-gallon air compressor. The BBP-1000 also comes with a 1-year warranty on all mechanical parts. Shop our online store today for our wonderful selection of bath bomb presses and machines!

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