Posted on by Nicholas Stoll

Are you running a high volume bath bomb business? 📈 Are you having trouble keeping up with demand?😫 Have you had you eye on a bath bomb press?
Most people have seen bath bomb machines on the market but get sticker shock 👀when they see the price from other bath bomb equipment manufacturers.
That's where Bath Bomb USA comes in. 😀
We have set out to build high quality bath bomb press machines and molds that wont break the bank. 💰
In this video, you will learn how the Bath Bomb USA bath bomb press operates. We will talk about the safety features on the Bath Bomb Machine as well as the bath bomb recipe that we use with our press. 
We will be adding more videos in the near future with different size aluminum bath bomb molds as well as our HDPE bath bomb molds which have become very popular. Hope you enjoy!