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Bath Bomb USA is seeking Content Creators!

Receive a $50 gift card and more...

As Im sure you are aware, Brand Awareness is one of the keys to building a strong and successful business.

Do you want to be featured on Bath Bomb USA's website and social media channels? 

Send us any of the following:

  • 10 lifestyle images of you using our Bath Bomb Press or Molds
  • A written Customer Testimonial with at least 2 images of you using our products
  • A video Customer Testimonial, our products must be featured (min 30 seconds long)
  • A video of you using our Bath Bomb Press or Bath Bomb molds (min 30 seconds long)
or you can send via Dropbox or Google Drive link to
What you'll receive:
  • $50.00 Bath Bomb USA Gift Card
  • We will share your Company info, website and content on our website and all of our social media outlets.
  • The opportunity to receive new bath bomb mold designs at no charge. 
  • Increased exposure of your company and brand promoting growth

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