Quadpress-HD Additional Lower Bath Bomb Mold Package - Choose Size

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$1,114.00 $972.00

Quadpress-HD Bath Bomb Press Machine Lower Mold Assembly ONLY

The lower bath bomb mold assembly has a 2 week lead time to ship currently

Choose your Size -

2 inch - sphere bath bomb mold

2.5 inch - sphere bath bomb mold

3 inch - sphere bath bomb mold

Your work flow is the key to improving your bath bomb production. With the additional bath bomb mold assembly for the Quadpress-HD Bath Bomb Press Machine you can eliminate the down time by having to stop pressing to fill the bath bomb mold and eject them. Utilizing the additional lower mold package works great with a small team of 2-3 personnel. Adding a 3rd lower bath bomb mold package would improve your bath bomb making efficiencies to even greater heights. 


Keeping the bath bomb press running with minimal downtime will help you become more profitable and speed up your production tremendously. A bath bomb maker that operates the bath bomb press machine with three people can have a person batching, another team member ejecting and filling the mold and the third person operating the bath bomb press. The batcher can help the fill/ejector during their down time making the work flow ideal and keeping the Quadpress-HD Bath Bomb Press Machine running.

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