Posted on by Nicholas Stoll

Congratulations!! on your purchase of the bath bomb press machine built by Bath Bomb USA. Now you can make perfect Bath Bombs in just seconds. 

  1. Once you remove your bath bomb press from the packaging, give your unit a once over to ensure all fasteners are tight and the unit arrived undamaged.
  2. Safety Glasses should be worn at all times while operating the unit.
  3. Mix your own custom bath bomb recipe or use ours.
  4. Fill the mold sleeve with the mixture.
  5. Place your lower bath bomb mold onto the dowel pin in the base.
  6. *Depress both safety buttons to actuate the press down, hold for a few seconds.
  7. Release the buttons and the press will return to the up position. 
  8. Remove the mold from your press and push up on the lower mold to raise the completed bath bomb from the mold sleeve.  


There are two brass flow control mufflers on the side of the air valve. These control the exhaust air on the air cylinder to control the speed. The unit comes already adjusted. If you feel adjustment is needed, loosen the lock nut and turn the center screw to the left to speed it up and the right to slow it down. The top one adjust the down stroke and the bottom adjusts the up stroke. Once desired speed is obtained, tighten lock nut.  See image below.



*Please note our website picture still shows a lever on the right side of the unit. We are in the process of updating the images. We recently changed the operation to improve safety. We are now using a two button system.